Saint Augustine, United States YIELD’s manifesto is clear and concise: it is about respecting the past, yielding to the present and looking forward to the future. Established in 2012, YIELD aim to create a connection between these three counterparts - past, present, and future - they recognize the historical importance of fashion and accept that trends will, by nature, repeat. Yet, YIELD are focussed on taking elements from the ‘yesterda
y’ and transforming them into something entirely new for ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’.
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Yield Photo Bar 1 Yield Photo Bar 2
Yield Onyx Tote Bag 1 Yield Onyx Tote Bag 2
Yield Daytripper Black Bag 1 Yield Daytripper Black Bag 2
Yield Onyx Sling Bag 1 Yield Onyx Sling Bag 2
Yield Tokyo Grey Tote 1 Yield Tokyo Grey Tote 2
Yield Daytripper Grey Bag 1 Yield Daytripper Grey Bag 2
Yield Tokyo Black Tote 1 Yield Tokyo Black Tote 2
Yield Onyx Pack Bag 1 Yield Onyx Pack Bag 3
Yield Dune Tote Bag 1 Yield Dune Tote Bag 2
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