Souls We Love: Shirin Abedinirad

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”. Ludwig Wittgenstein’s since-canonized remark on the extent to which language inevitably shapes our appreciation of the world is now taken as a given. But when it comes to field ...Read More

Souls we Love: Camila Falquez

Photographer Camila Falquez aims to capture the human body, as it moves between posture and gesture, taking on a formation that is entirely unique to itself, yet shares some characteristics with the bodies around it.

Souls We Love: Tarek Al-Ghoussein

Just as when gazing up at a constellation, the effect triggered by the photography of Tarek Al-Ghoussein owes as much to an overwhelming absence as it does to any tangible presence. Though each image is fearlessly bold in its form, it is on...Read More

Souls We Love: Jameela Elfaki

AZEEMA is an independent magazine inspired by the lack of representation of woman of colour in fashion. The first issue was launched in May this year and is a stirring collection of stories exploring the display and disguise of the body wit...Read More

Souls We Love: Wang Ningde

China’s journey to the forefront of the global art scene has triggered a radical decentering and redistributing: where once the focus was on New York & London, one’s gaze increasingly falls upon Shanghai & Beijing as well. Household nam...Read More

Souls We Love: Ieva Saudargaitė

Her images seek to uncover the stories that pulse beneath the surface of cities and other spaces. Ieva Saudargaitė is a conceptual artist and photographer who trained as an architect, and her keen eye documents not only buildings but also ...Read More

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