Second St. FW’17 Collection Review

When is a shirt not just a shirt? When it is a canvas for innovation. The designers behind the brand Second St. continually reinvent the most basic of basics, letting it evolve and transform into other garments, like jackets and hoodies. Th...Read More

Ode to Sunday SS17 Collection Review

Simple designs that forego unnecessary details, made to order by hand, using socially-conscious methods. That’s the guiding principle behind the independent women’s clothing brand Ode to Sunday. But the brand is also about embracing a r...Read More

Sara Melki: AW17 Collection Review

Sara Melki’s F/W styles are a thrill for all the ‘mix and match’ aficionados out there, living up to the tessellated digital collages of Tetris that gave the collection its name. Thanks to Melki’s signature combination of contrastin...Read More

Margherita: “My Concrete City” Collection Review

Ghita Abi-Hanna is preserving architecture through accessories. The Beirut native takes cues from the signature design features that appear throughout the modernist buildings of her home city. Her jewelry collection, My Concrete City, trans...Read More

Nour Hage: “Wahda” Collection Review

When translating, you inevitably have to come to terms with the impossibility of the task you’ve taken on: though certain words may perfectly capture a nuance in one language, it’s rare that a fitting match exists in another. Most commo...Read More

Second St. SS'17 Collection Review

While the proliferation of fast fashion has given our generation quick and easy access to runway trends, its begotten ills have not gone undocumented. For those of us – consumers and creators alike – wanting to divorce ourselves from a ...Read More

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