Meet the Designer: Slowdown Studio

Those among you with eyes trained on the runway will no doubt have noticed the resurgence of the humble blanket – helmed by J. W. Anderson, Demna Gvasalia and Raf Simons respectively...

Souls We Love: Shirin Abedinirad

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”. Ludwig Wittgenstein’s since-canonized remark on the extent to which language inevitably shapes our appreciation of the world is now taken as a given. But when it comes to field ...Read More

Souls we Love: Nafsika Skourti

Of the plethora of emerging Middle Eastern design talents, one of the hottest names on the lips of those in the know is Amman-based Nafsika Skourti, counting Dazed, Vogue and cutting-edge CSM student-led publication 1 Granary among her fans

Meet the Designer: Yield

Yield Design is the ultimate take on American minimalism. A label devoted to durability and quality within the sphere of every-day life commodities and rituals, starting from shelving units and dining tables, all the way to engagement rings...Read More

Souls we Love: Camila Falquez

Photographer Camila Falquez aims to capture the human body, as it moves between posture and gesture, taking on a formation that is entirely unique to itself, yet shares some characteristics with the bodies around it.

Souls We Love: LRNCE

There is something almost primitive and yet incredibly soothing about the faces on Laurence Leenaert's hand-painted ceramics; something kind and dreamy, reminiscent of Paul Klee’s childlike brilliance that whisks you away to a world of fa...Read More

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