Souls We Love: Jameela Elfaki

AZEEMA is an independent magazine inspired by the lack of representation of woman of colour in fashion. The first issue was launched in May this year and is a stirring collection of stories exploring the display and disguise of the body wit...Read More

Meet the Designer: Nour Hage

Flitting between and flirting with the boundaries of the familiar, Nour Hage’s work strikes a chord both alien and intimate in equal measure.

Meet the Designer: Study NY

As if her shirt sleeve dress were tailored for a four-armed Indian goddess, Tara St James, Founder and Designer of Study NY, has been juggling the challenges of sustainable retail and production for the past 15 years.

Souls We Love: Timi Hayek

Timi Hayek has always been drawn to create. In her enchanting illustrations, she lets herself be carried away by color. The momentum of her lines and swirls give a hint to her other great love, dance. And her fashion designs have a graceful...Read More

Souls We Love: Kabreet

A haunting voice. Arabic lyrics that reach the soul and touch on modern day concerns. Contemporary percussion-based and synth-heavy music. It is a combination that transcends our expectations, reaching beyond what we understand as eastern o...Read More

Meet the Designer: Lacabezaenlasnubes

The first impression you have of Fran Rodriguez’ work is almost inevitably an eerie sense of familiarity - to such a degree that you might almost call it déjà vu...

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