Souls we Love: Nafsika Skourti

Of the plethora of emerging Middle Eastern design talents, one of the hottest names on the lips of those in the know is Amman-based Nafsika Skourti, counting Dazed, Vogue and cutting-edge CSM student-led publication 1 Granary among her fans

Souls we Love: Camila Falquez

Photographer Camila Falquez aims to capture the human body, as it moves between posture and gesture, taking on a formation that is entirely unique to itself, yet shares some characteristics with the bodies around it.

Souls We Love: LRNCE

There is something almost primitive and yet incredibly soothing about the faces on Laurence Leenaert's hand-painted ceramics; something kind and dreamy, reminiscent of Paul Klee’s childlike brilliance that whisks you away to a world of fa...Read More

Second St. FW’17 Collection Review

When is a shirt not just a shirt? When it is a canvas for innovation. The designers behind the brand Second St. continually reinvent the most basic of basics, letting it evolve and transform into other garments, like jackets and hoodies. Th...Read More

Souls We Love: Jameela Elfaki

AZEEMA is an independent magazine inspired by the lack of representation of woman of colour in fashion. The first issue was launched in May this year and is a stirring collection of stories exploring the display and disguise of the body wit...Read More

Meet the Designer: Nour Hage

Flitting between and flirting with the boundaries of the familiar, Nour Hage’s work strikes a chord both alien and intimate in equal measure.

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