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Half Measures: Collection Review

Based in Perth, Australia, and started in 2016, Jocelyn Tan’s line Half Measures presents something wholly new in footwear and accessories. Vegetable-tanned leather is coaxed into limited edition pieces that defy definition. Conceptual, yet wearable, these architecturally elegant pieces could become new wardrobe essentials that highlight contemporary design.

The handcrafted shoes for women are designed to be long-lasting, and play with classic functional forms sneaker, sandal, slide, loafer. The brand works in chronological collections rather than seasonally, and recently revealed its second collection of re-imagined leather goods.


Collection 2 is made from fine leather in natural tones, or black patent, crackled silver, and smooth white. Naturally tanned, the leather has an unsealed finish, allowing it to develop a patina over time, adding an evolution to the shoe’s appearance. Soles are tire tread, leather, and EVA rubber.   


Finely detailed designs introduce new ideas into the mix. A patent Flatform Sandal has a sunken insole and high edge that contours the foot — unlike nothing you’ve seen before. The Peel Back series — sandals and slides — presents double-layers that reveal a contrasting style, while the rounded multi-buckle Mary Jane-look Cutout Sandal cinches with an appealing ankle strap. Fringe Sandals serve up a new take on the kiltie, with sling-backs and contrast finishes. A Double Trainer delivers twice as much élan thanks to its asymmetrical, sculptural form and wedge sole, and the Peel Trainer deconstructs sporty and recasts it as smart.  


The collection’s bags are a further evolution of the ideas at play in their fashion-forward footwear. The Folded Wrist Bag is a clasp purse in triplicate, unified into one useful multi-compartment piece. And The Peel Back Clutch pairs the triple-clasp bag with a zipped flat clutch to create an eye-catching hybrid.  


This Australian brand’s seamless blend of traditional craftsmanship and inventive aesthetics makes it clear — Half Measures deserves our full attention.


Photography: James Whineray

Double Loafer

Double Trainer

Fringe Sandal

Peel Back Clutch